Why Covered Goods is SO good

You guys know I just love sharing GOOD baby products- so hey hey, I found another item I am obsessed with:

 Covered Goods

Nursing Cover

Carseat Cover

Infinity Scarf

Cart Cover


Covered Goods is the original four-in-one nursing cover. I do not nurse, and Colt is out of his carrier (he’s in his convertible seat now)  however, the two other functions of the cover are ahhhmazing and we will be utilizing them on the reg: The infinity scarf and the shopping cart cover.  I love a good scarf, and a cart cover… um can I get an amen? Colt chews on EVERYTHING right now and the last thing I want his little mouth on is a dirty shopping cart. #nothanks.

Colt really likes the cover. It’s comfortable, he has all of his toys on his lap and they don’t go sliding on down or go flying onto the floor. It also keeps him in the sitting position without fuss. Before having the cover he maneuvered his body to the side, tried to get his feet up and out of the foot slots, and would continually scoot  lower. A trip to the store is much more enjoyable for the both of us… ( or the four of us)


When Colt is not using our cover I can rock it as a scarf. It’s seriously so cute, and lightweight! I like to wear mine long, but you can double it up as well ( as shown in the picture from their website above)!

I think a product that has 4 functions is one that is a necessity. This cover is really for anyone and at any stage. It’s not a “baby” product that you grow out of… at the end of the childhood road, you finally get to utilize the crap out of the scarf! ( insert salsa dancer emoji!)  I highly recommend this and am SO happy we have one!! 


Get yours HERE.  ( SO SO SO SO SO many different colors/patterns/styles! Go check it out 🙂