Taming Tantrums and Practicing Patience

Tantrums seem to be a regular daily occurrence around here… and I’m not talking a once a day kinda situation, I’m talking m u l t i p l e times per day. Exhausting is a total and complete understatement. Gigi is 3 & 1/2, or a threenager as I like to call her, and she is miss independent lately with a whole lot of sass. Everything seems to be a battle. Eating breakfast, or any meal for that matter… no kid you can’t have a granola bar for breakfast, lunch and dinner, putting her shoes on, hanging up her coat, taking a nap, going to bed, listening….. listening…… hearing the word N O…. you get the picture. I’ve been reluctant taking Gigi places these days without Cory. If we are at a store she always throws a tantrum about wanting something, if we are at a play date, or park, she throws a fit about leaving. Its been overwhelming and too much for me to handle while out. Our whole day seems to be a war more often times then not. Oh and throw a colicky, teething, 6 month old into the mix and it makes for a VERY v e r y long day. Now I’m not complaining… I mean I guess I sort of am, but I know what you’re thinking “You signed up for this.. you chose to be a stay at home mom” I did. You are right. I don’t regret it for a second, however, it doesn’t make this stage any easier. I often wonder what people think I do all day. Like do people think I have my feet up on the couch while my kids play, as I’m sitting hot coffee watching the Today Show? If I’m not pacing the house with Colton, I’m dealing with Gi, cleaning mud off the dogs paws, doing laundry, cleaning, making Gi breakfast or lunch that she ends up eating 20% off….. I NEVER get to sit for more than a few minutes, If I have to go to the bathroom it’s usually with Colt in my arms, and did I mention that I typically don’t get to eat until later on in the evening? Told you my day isn’t all rainbows.

We were at dinner the other night with Cory’s family, and my nephew was helping me put Colt’s jacket on. ( My nephew is 4 & 1/2). I could have had his coat on in a matter of seconds but I took the extra few minutes to let him help. My father in law looked at me, smiled and said “You know, one of the things I just love about you is how patient you are” Well, it was awfully sweet of him, and I’m flattered that he thinks I’m patient, but personally I feel far from it.. very very far. It challenged me to take more time with my own daily life and really take time communicating and understanding Gigi.

Back to Gigi… We recently met with our pastor at our house to go over Colt’s dedication ceremony, and of course Gigi was miss bossy pants while he was here. I think he was able to tell that I was embarrassed and slowly getting more and more frustrated with the way she was acting. He looked at me and said ” She is going to be a leader, she is going to grow up and be something absolutely great.” “God gave her a gift, and her personality is apart of that gift.” That honestly has changed my perspective these past few weeks. She is going to be great, she is great…. she is 3. She is going through a phase. This is just life. She is insistent that she will be a police officer when she grows up ( funny that was my dream job) and you know what, if she does become one she will make a hell of an amazing one.

My point for sharing this with you all is that if this seems to be your struggle as well, I challenge you to be more patient. Of course there are little tips and tricks for “taming tantrums” but honestly it’s how you react and how you handle the situation at hand. Don’t cancel your play date because you are scared of a meltdown, do not compare your child to other’s that appear to be perfect on social media ( remember we all choose what we want to share with others!) and lastly, enjoy this phase because they are only little for a short period of time. I soak up every hug and kiss, every time I’m called “the best mom” every dance party, every cuddle, and every I love you.

“Motherhood, the hardest job, but definitely the greatest one”