smarttemp Bluetooth thermometer by infanttech

This post was sponsored by Infanttech, but as always, my thoughts and reviews
expressed are 100 % my own.

One challenge I personally run into is taking Giuliana + Colt’s temperature when they are super sick… Anyone else find it completely frustrating especially in the middle of the night?! It’s scary to not be able to know if their temp is rising without having to go in and wake them up. I have the old fashioned thermometer, the ear thermometer, and the forehead one. At times all 3 have a different readings- Super frustrating to say the least.
I was asked to review the smarttemp Bluetooth thermometer by infanttech and I was pleasantly surprised with how effortless and accurate the reading was.
To get started:
Download the smartphone app
Place the thermometer under your LO’s underarm using an adhesive pad that is in your kit ( easily comes off with a little water ) 
and voila! a reading  took just about 3 minutes and monitored Colt continuously throughout the night.
If your LO’s temp rises beyond the threshold, and alert will go off. There is also 2 other great features: medicine reminders, AND a temperature graph! That will definitely come in handy sooner than later. I cannot tell you how many times the doctor has asked what his/her temp has been throughout the night/early morning. It’s amazing to have all of that info right on your phone!
Another fun fact… Smarttemp has up to a 3 year battery life! You don’t have to charge it. What a gamechanger.
This is yet another product that is changing the lives of moms and babies in such a positive way.
So… necessary baby item? Y E S !