Sleep Training Baby #2


SOS. 9-1-1. HELP. H E L P.

Colt and sleep do not mix. I had my standards set so high because of how amazing Gigi has always slept, and low and behold, Colt is the exact opposite. From about 2 weeks old, we have had Colt in a Dockatot ( BEST decision ever) despite his sleeping patterns being off and on, the dock always made him feel secure, and snug. Well, he’s 6 months now, and although you can use the Dockatot Deluxe until 9 months, our pediatrician asked that he strictly be free in his crib from this point on. Tonight will be our first night trying this, and boy am I nervous. ( I know… this is my second child and I’m nervous.. silly right.)

We used the CIO method with Gigi, which worked for us tremendously. She has been sleeping 12 + hours a night since the age of 4 months. It took a mere 3 days to get her onto a schedule. I won’t lie and take credit… It was all Cory. I could not bare to hear her cry for more than a minute. Cory was able to wait the 15 minute intervals and go in place her paci back, pat her, calm her without picking her up. ( I totally could not have done that!) Mad props babe!

In addition we kept her on a pretty strict schedule. Every night it was bath, bottle bed. We would have random days that it would be a little set back because of maybe a holiday, or event, but for the most part we kept her on a set routine including her naps. I used this book with her: healthy sleep habits happy child  and I think I just may give it a go for the second time around.

Our biggest problem now is that Colt and Gigi’s bedrooms are right next door to each other! So despite the sound machine, if one is screaming or crying, the other gets woken up…. pass the wine now….

So, that’s my Tuesday rant… I’m nervous, frustrated, and mostly exhausted… If you have any tips please, PLEASE pass them my way.