Owlet Smart Sock 2

This post was sponsored by Owlet, but as always, my thoughts and reviews
expressed are 100 % my own.

Hey friends! So you guys all know how serious I am when it comes to baby gear- and how honest I am with letting you know what is really worth spending money on. One item that I truly stand behind 100% is the Owlet Smart Sock 2. They just released the second edition and it’s even better than the first! If you have had the first, that’s hard to believe right?! Believe it.  ( If you had the first, and want to know all the deets on the improvements, you can find those here )
To those who don’t know-  Owlet tracks your baby’s heart rate and oxygen levels ( just from that cute little sock)  and is made to notify  you if either fall outside of the preset zone. Your Owlet comes with: 3 fabric socks that grow with your little babe, the smart sock sensor (this is the mechanism that you place in the sock that does the tracking), and the base station.
When you receive your Owlet, your first step is to download the Owlet app to your phone. The set up is super duper easy, and rather fast! Honestly it took me 15 minutes, and it would have taken less time had I remembered my WiFi password! ( oops!)
After you personalize your app, there is a mini video provided that I highly recommend not skipping over! It goes over everything step by step.
The sock can be worn on either foot and does not come off no matter how wiggly your little one is! Colt is the biggest wiggle worm and that sock doesn’t budge. There is a great deal of range between the Smart Sock and the Base Station- 100 feet! This allows the Base Station to sit right on my night stand next to the bed. God forbid his levels fall out of preset zone, the Base Station is designed to sound, along with your phone. Seriously, what better peace  of mind can you have?!












Before Owlet, I was a nervous wreck. I know what you’re thinking.. “this is your SECOND baby!” Um, if anything that made me even more nervous! The moments I wasted being paranoid when I could have been sleeping are unreal. I legitimately would sneak into Colt’s nursery to check to make sure his chest was rising and falling , and most times I couldn’t see so I would end up waking him up. After waking him up 40 times or so (Mom FAIL!) I did the next best thing I could do ……. constantly woke Cory (my Marine) up to go sneak into the room to see if Colton was breathing. Cor was more than happy to do this the first 400 times, but i could tell I was driving him nuts,
Needless to say,  I am now  a well rested, more energized, much happier mama (Cory is also thrilled I stopped waking him up) .
 Sleep is one of the most important, and crucial aspects of motherhood.  Not only for your baby, but for yourself. So, head on over to Owlet,  and give yourself peace of mind. Owlet is “up all night, so you don’t have to be” 🙂