our way to stay ahead of red with Desitin

Guys. How is it almost December?! Honestly, time is flying right on by. Who is finished Christmas shopping? Not me! I feel like I have so much to do, with so little time to do it. We at least have our Christmas decor up- that’s a start right?
 What’s been occupying so much of my time these days? Well, for starters I am nanny aunt M-F, Giuliana’s personal uber driver to ballet and school… and as of most recent, Colt has been getting reoccurring ear infections which require him to be on antibiotics almost always it seems like. We have seriously been living at the doctors. .
As if the ear infections weren’t bad enough for Colt, you fellow mama’s know what antibiotics for little ones mean…. terrible, awful, stomach issues which equal terrible, awful diapers.
How do we prevent his cute little tush from getting red? DESITIN. At night, I cover his tush in DESITIN Maximum Strength Original Paste
It protects him all night long- even when he wakes up with a not so great diaper.
I also use it throughout the day to keep him protected and comfortable as well. Not only do I love the product for what it does, but it goes on smooth and is the perfect consistency when applying. It has been our saving grace.
DESITIN Maximum Strength Original Paste has become one of our favorite family products. It’s now our go to for red butt treatment AND prevention.
What are your go to’s for preventing your little one’s diaper rash?! If you haven’t already, give DESITIN Maximum Strength a try- I promise you’ll thank me!