our night time routine

This post was sponsored by HALO, but as always, my thoughts and reviews
expressed are 100 % my own.


SO, by popular demand, I am finally dishing the deets on our bed time routine!
I am a firm believer that sleep is E V ER Y T H I N G, and without a fairly consistent routine that is not possible!  It’s been a rough 10 months with Colty, he was not a natural born “good” sleeper like Giuliana… and of course throw in teething and reflux, and his skin condition and it makes for more of a nightmare sleep situation. Good news- he is now sleeping 10-12 hours at night.  So what does our typical evening look like?
430-5 pmDinner! Now that Colt is eating actual food, this helps a TON! I know that he is going to bed with a full belly! Usually he eats a grilled cheese, chicken and broccoli, some type of pasta dish, quesadillas.. pretty much anything with cheese! He is so my kid!! I try to rotate meals so he is eating & trying something new every week! There isn’t a whole lot he doesn’t like as of yet.
530- 6 pmPlay time! This consists of bouncer time, chasing Giuliana around (you guys, he is SO fast, he crawls a mile a minute!) and now that the weather has been nice, we have been doing our nightly wagon walks after dinner! Outside time is always a plus in my book- fresh air always makes for a sleepier baby! 🙂
6 -630 pmBath time! I usually give Gi & Colt a bath together because they have SO much fun! Honestly if they didn’t get so pruney they would probably stay in much longer!!
630-7 pm- Bottle time!  During this time we have a movie or show on for Gi, ( cue Moana! haha) Has anyone else watched it 185945 times yet? Not going to lie, I am more than ok with it. Love love LOVE Moana! Cory is almost always reading GI a book at the same time ( our fav is Moo Baa la la la)  Colt guzzles his bottle down and unwinds and by 7 it’s time to go up to bed!
7 pm- Bed time! At this time I turn on his sound machine ( if you aren’t already using one I urge you to try! Gigi still sleeps with hers on. It’s great background noise and blocks out any unwanted sounds..) anddddd of course the item that you all DM’d me about.. the Halo Sleep Sack!! GAME CHANGER. Or should I save miracle worker?  The Halo Sleep Sack is a wearable blanket that keeps your little one warm and comfy without fear! ( Obviously we all know the safety issues with loose blankets in the crib-it’s a huge no-no!) Since we incorporated the Halo Sleep Sack,  Colty has finally reached that 11-12 hours of sleep we have all longed for! When we transitioned him out of the dockatot into the crib it was a struggle for him to feel secure- the sleep sack changed that immediately 🙂
* there are four different sleepsacks to grow along with your little babe! Go check them out!!