New Years Eve with kids.


Since Cory and I had Giuliana, we have had the same New Year’s Eve plans every year. Honestly, even if we didn’t have kids we probably wouldn’t be venturing out anywhere, there’s way too many drunks and crazy people out there! SO needless to say, I am totally fine with our yearly tradition.

1. Order pizza & bake chocolate chip cookies

2. Watch a new movie (this year Gi picked “Storks“)

3. Build a fort

4. Play a game  ( I think she will pick Yeti in my Spaghetti) Have you guys played yet?! It’s a fun twist on Jenga, and perfect for little ones!

5. When Gi, and this year Colt, go to bed Cor and I turn on “Chicago Rising” it is amazing to watch. Such a great countdown! Last year the music was phenomenal.

 Last year and this,  we were invited to actually attend Chi Rising from Cor’s work but there’s no way in a million years we wouldn’t ring in 2017 with our little babes! (Even if they are asleep!) 🙂