First off friends, I just want to let you guys know, whenever I review a product and say that I like it… I genuinely like it. I promise I will never say “i like” or even “love something” just because I was sent a product to try. I will ALWAYS be honest with you 🙂

So if you watched my insta-story you heard me say I’m not a lipstick/lip gloss girl. I LOVE makeup, just never have really found a lip shade or product that I really love. Other than my beloved chap stick collection, I haven’t worn a color since December 15th, 2012. My wedding day. True story…. and I wore red… RED lipstick! Whoa baby.

Lipsticks/glosses I’ve tried in the past have either worn off/faded quickly, gotten all over my munchkins, or lasted so long I had to use nail polish remover to remove it… um that’s a problem.

LipSense surprised me. I’ve worn it daily for the past few days, applied it in the morning and it lasted me the ENTIRE day until I used the gloss remover to take it off. I never had to reapply, it never rubbed off on Colton’s head ( I kiss that baby all day long so trust me, not a mark to be found 😉 and through eating and drinking it didn’t fade at all!

Lexi ( check out her IG : ) sent me “Apple Cider” which turned out to be perfect for me- it’s a very subtle pink, almost nude color. Perfect for me since I’m not a flashy person by any means.

My bag contained 3 lipgloss tubes, the apple cider color itself, the moisturizing gloss, and the Remover gloss.

Best part… INSTRUCTIONS! For a non experienced lip product user this came in handy!

Needless to say, I am a fan! Sunday is Colt’s Christening… aka I will not be in yogas and a t-shirt. Check out my live vid getting ready in the morning, and I will keep you posted throughout the day just to show you how it really truly does last all day 🙂

Stay tuned friends 😉