Learning to ride a bike with KaZAM

Finally this post is up!! For all of you that DM’d me, sorry it took so long! Got to love the weather (sarcasm!!)

I can still think back to my childhood years, and vividly remember learning to ride a bicycle. My dad practiced days on end with me, up and down our alley way. I remember that being such a fun/scary time! I remember wanting nothing more than to be able to ride a bike like all of the older kids. I feel like riding a bicycle without training wheels is such a major deal when you’re young. It’s total bragging rights… am I right?!

Fast forward to present day, here I am with an almost 4 year old, who wants nothing more than to be able to ride a bicycle like her cousins, and all of the neighbors. When KaZAM  asked if Giuliana wanted to try a balance bike, I could not have said yes fast enough! A KaZAM balance bike is designed for kids to develop their balance & steering before introducing pedaling. ( After all, learning to balance is truly the hardest part!) They say it makes the transition onto a pedaled bike seamless!

Deets about the bike: 

Adjustable seat and handlebars-KaZAM accommodates ages up to 5 years of age or 44” tall.

Seat height adjusts on the spot – no tools required! ( See my picture below!)

Puncture resistant, maintenance free EVA tires never need air

Lightweight frame-8 lbs- This is SO important. I feel like since it was so lightweight, Gi wasn’t afraid of it “crushing her” ( that was her concern with the tricycle we bought her last year)


FYI: My hubs put her bike together in less than 5 mins! Super duper easy!

Junior Helper 🙂

So let’s get to the fun part. Giuliana actually riding! The second we hit the pavement she was ready to go. The key is to encourage them to walk really fast while straddling the bike, and then place their feet on the balance strip of the bike.  Cory walked behind her ( actually ran….)  we were out for a good hour practicing.

Unfortunately here in good Ol’ Illinois we have had rain upon rain, sooo thanks to my friends suggestion to let her ride in the house ( thanks!! Kristy at Seven Graces Blog – if you are not following her, go right MEOW!) Best suggestion ever because she became even more comfortable with riding. It’s all about practice and having your child get comfortable with the balancing aspect! Such a gamechanger.

After just over a week I can honestly say my girl is ready for a bike!! #notrainingwheels

Her birthday is next month and it’s the first item on her list 🙂

P.S. I’m not claiming to be a you tube expert ( that’s why my video is still waiting to be uploaded) so stay tuned folks!









(The seat is adjustable ( no tools needed)- so we were able to get it absolutely perfect while she was learning to ride..) SO convenient!


If you can’t tell, we love KaZAM, and for those of you asked “Should we get one?” YES. The answer is Y E S ! 🙂



*Disclosure: Thank you to KaZAM for kindly sponsoring this post. All opinions are 100% honest & completely my own.