How to make your first child feel special with baby number two


Giuliana is a really good sister. She really, truly, adores and loves Colton. She is always excited to see him in the morning, excited to tell him about her day at school, overjoyed to hold him and sing to him, and feels proud to teach him all the things she can already do. She is quick to run to get me a diaper, grab wipes… throw me a new bib, sit on the floor and press his toy a thousand times while I cook dinner… She’s really very helpful.

It’s not always rainbows and butterflies, and you know this if you follow me on Snapchat, or read my frequent sob stories via Instagram. There’s times when she will whine and say we love Colton more, she will repeat something 9 billion times until we look, get angry because he chewed our Costco list ( yes guys, that really happened… she lost her s***!) and act out like we never ever pay any attention to her. It’s rough. It really is. Some days I feel like I can give equal attention and other days Colton is a hot colicy mess and needs my attention morning until night. On those days I get frustrated that she’s acting out, but have to remind myself that she’s only almost 4. She doesn’t understand.

So, how do we make Giuliana still feel just as important?

Here are some things that seem to have worked for our family:

One on One dates: Cory and I have been taking turns taking her on “one-on- one” dates. She reaaaaallly L O V E S it. We actually have a mommy/daughter date planned to see the new Beauty and the Beast movie.. Not sure who is more excited about this one 😉 Any of you mama’s going?!?! A quick dinner date, or even a trip to the store with just her is special!

Routine: Since the day Giuliana was born, we have stuck to a pretty strict routine. ( Things come up, but for the most part we do not deviate away from our “typical” daily/nightly routine). For instance, she knows at 7 pm, we go up for “Sugar Bug” time and it’s prayers and bed time. Oh, and the 10 other things she wants/needs! By 7:15 she’s out like a light. ( We FINALLY have Colt going down then too! Can I get a hallelujah!) Giuliana knows the drill, and knows what to expect. I think that’s key!

Activity Planning: Since Colt came into the picture, I block out at least one activity from her “favorite things” list a day when opportunity allows. On days she doesn’t have school, she knows that as soon as Colton goes down for a nap ( even if it’s 30 mins.. Jesus take the wheel…) we are able to make a craft, or even make cupcakes……. One of her f a v o r i t e activities… and mine! Honestly, it’s all about prioritizing. You make time to brush your teeth every day right? To shower? To eat? Have your child make a “favorite things” list, and try to do at least one thing a day! Makes a HUGE difference.

Let Them Help: ( obviously if age allows) I let Gigi help ALL the time. I ask her to throw diapers out, grab bibs, help me burp Colt, you name it, I ask her, and make a huge deal out of it! She knows she’s older, and tells me all the time that she’s “my helper!”  I also ask her to help me pick his clothes out for the day- She loves that!

Make time for your first. It’s a hard transition when a new baby comes. Not always, maybe for some, but most of the time there are some frustrated feelings whether they openly express it or not. It’s normal and something that you should address and talk about. Ask what they are feeling and what they need! It works guys. My last tip, if you are currently expecting… grab a small gift from the new baby to your first child ( or other children) It doesn’t have to be expensive, just something that helps that initial meet! When Cory brought Gi to the hospital to meet Colt, we had a new straw cup, a paw patrol dvd and figurine, and a big sister shirt/ with a bow to match. She was excited and felt like that day was about not only Colt, but about her too! It’s a great help!

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