How to keep your beauty routine as a mom, without breaking the bank.

“When you look good, you feel good”


These words I live by I swear. I know and see a lot of moms who lose touch with themselves once they have kids. I’m not saying that you have to have a full face of makeup, and done up hair every single day, but when you make yourself look good you just naturally feel better about yourself.  If you are a mom who drops your child off at school in pajamas, I’m not judging you. If you have your hair in a topknot and zero makeup on, again, I’m not judging you. We all have those days at one point or another, but my reason for this post is to share that just because you have kids, your beauty routine does not have to be placed on the back burner.

Every morning I wake up an hour earlier than Gigi and Colt. Now of course there are days when Colt wakes up earlier, or he’s been up most of the night and I am struggling to roll out of bed, let’s be real.. kids are unpredictable. Regardless, every single morning I get myself ready. Makeup. Hair. Actual clothes. Rain or shine, healthy or sick, tired, or energized. I am put together.

One thing we can all agree on is that our beauty products do change once we become moms. I can no longer spend $80 on concealer, or $200 + dollars on face wash. It’s just not practical anymore. There are far more important things that extra money can go towards, and to be honest with the new products I have found, there’s no turning back because I LOVE them!

Detox Dry Shampoo is amazing! It’s a little pricey ( $23) *with an Ulta coupon it’s $19)!! but it smells fab & honestly, makes it look like you have a freshly washed head! I am OBSESSED!

ELF (Blush/Bronzer Duo) girls..this is identical to NARS! Oh, did I mention it’s only $4! I love ELF! SO. SO. Much. I have brushes, eye shadows, and brow powder from them as well. Inexpensive and just as good as the pricey stuff! Give it a try if you haven’t already!

Cover girl lash blast. One coat, and you are set. It’s my favorite.

Maybelline concealer stick. If it can cover my imperfections.. it can cover anyone’s.

Neutrogena Mineral Sheers- it leaves my skin flawless ladies. $13 and your face is photo shoot ready, promise. 

All of these products can be found at your local Ulta or Target ( online as well!)

To recap, if you don’t glam it up every day that’s totally ok. My challenge is that if you were a glam fairy before kids, and don’t make time for it now, to do so. Or if you are feeling “blah” about yourself, give yourself 30 minutes to make yourself feel confident.  It’s worth every single second. I have two kids, two dogs, and a hectic schedule but somehow make it work.. Baby in the bouncer in the bathroom, toddler in the hallway with a puzzle… Spray your hair with dry shampoo, throw on mascara, bronzer, and rock your day 🙂

What are your favorite beauty products?


Ps. If you want a vid on my routine please reach out!