First Steps in Freshly Picked


Freshly Picked moccasins came into our lives May 2014. Giuliana was just learning to toddle, and I had yet been able to find a pair of shoes that:  A. Stayed on, and B. That were cute and C. That were comfortable for her to not want to yank off. When I stumbled on across Freshly Picked and all of the “Rave” reviews I ordered her first pair… Rose Gold to be exact 🙂

Those Rose Gold Moccs molded to her feet, were incredibly adorable, and best of all, stayed on. There are SO well made, and worth every single cent. There are many impostors out there, and not one, not single one can compare to the quality and durability of Freshly Picked. 

Those Rose Gold moccs were the shoes that she took her first steps in (Cue the tears…. Seriously?!?! Where did the time go?!)


Did you know that I have her moccs stored away as a keepsake? One of my favorite parts of these moccasins is that your child’s footprint is molded forever and shows on the bottom. Talk about priceless. And a total Heart swoon.


Let’s fast forward to here and now, Colt just received his very first pair of camo freshly picked moccs.






Colt will be 8 months and is entering into the “mobile” stage. I am over the moon excited for our family to create yet another memory with another child, learning to walk in our favorite pair of shoes. Oh, and of course I’m anxiously awaiting those sweet footprints to settle in on the soles!! I promise you guys I will take pictures as they begin to form.


Ok, I know what you guys are waiting for… the giveaway deets I mentioned on Insta!


Want a chance to win a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins?! Any size/color? I will be giving away a pair on Instagram, courtesy of Freshly Picked on April 2nd! I know it’s 2 weeks away, and I will remind y’all so don’t worry. Get ready to enter + maybe you will be the lucky winner 😉