Colt’s Nursery Tour

A couple of you asked to see Colt’s room since bits and pieces are showcased via snapchat ( ms_nagle) if you already don’t follow our fun stories! So I figured I may as well do a little tour on here!



I refinished the boat OAR, My dad and Cory sanded it down and I banged it up a bit. I bought letters from Hobby Lobby, painted and mounted them. 


Notice the drool on his leg? I mean how does that even happen ?


Sleep sheep- he’s our lifeline. ( Note my dockatot is slightly elevated ( He has been REALLY stuffy/congested so the incline helps A LOT!) 




It’s a complete free for all on these shelves ( or spice racks if you will- IKEA hack!!) 


We are just a tad bit nautical obsessed.. Isn’t his name train plaque adorable? My cousin and his wife are currently living in Germany for work, and they found this gem at the actual Christkindl Market! 


keeping it real guys… look at those bins.. eeesh. I need to organize them I know! But I figured I would show you that nothing is perfect ?
Both of my kids sleep with white noise machines… H EA V E N

I know this random but like I said above, Colt has been really congested so this little baby is a miracle worker. It’s the Vicks Pediatric  Plug – in Water less Vaporizer. It smells like soothing lavender with the original vicks scent to provide soothing comfort. It even acts as a night light! ( for babies 10 lbs + )

You can find one pretty much anywhere- here is where I bought mine (target)