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Paper Plate Easter Bunny

We are 13 days away from Easter! I seriously cannot even get over we are already in April. Our house is decorated, baskets are starting to get put together… all that’s left is finishing them, dying our eggs, and of course an Easter Craft! Today we made our easy peasy paper plate Easter Bunny 🙂 Supplies Needed:    Paper plate  Glue Scissors Cotton balls Brown or Black pipe cleaners Googly Read More


Easter Roundup

Is it just me or is anyone else freaking out that Easter is only a little over a month away?! 34 days to be exact, but who’s counting right? I’ve put together a few things that are on my “to-get list” because they are too stinkin’ cute! I’m overly excited this year because we have two kids this year! Holidays are SO SO much better with kids, am I right?! Read More


Valentine’s Day

I l o v e the month of February for several reasons. Cory proposed on Feb. 4th, my parents anniversary falls on Valentine’s day (how cuuute!), and I adore getting and giving chocolate and other little goodies! It’s even more enjoyable now that Giuliana is in preschool! Yay for creating Valentines with her!  I love decorating our home with cute heart banners and pom poms. My mom always decorated for Read More

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New Years Eve with kids.

Since Cory and I had Giuliana, we have had the same New Year’s Eve plans every year. Honestly, even if we didn’t have kids we probably wouldn’t be venturing out anywhere, there’s way too many drunks and crazy people out there! SO needless to say, I am totally fine with our yearly tradition. 1. Order pizza & bake chocolate chip cookies 2. Watch a new movie (this year Gi picked Read More



Is anyone else in shock that Christmas is over, and New Years is this weekend?! I know I am. Right after thanksgiving I spent an entire day decorating the inside of our house, (I cannot take any credit for the exterior, as that is all Cory!) but almost every room in our home was decorated to some extent. I LOVE Christmas, even more so with having kids. After I decorate Read More


Last Minute Gift Idea

Do you ever need a quick gift for your child’s bus driver, or teacher’s aide, the mailman, ups man, or anyone you want to remember but you’re not completely sure what to get them? Here is a little small way to remember someone that is quick & simple. I just threw this together for our mailman, because he is the best! Seriously the sweetest man e v e r ! Read More

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Baby it’s Christmas, yeah.

Are you ready for Christmas? I am 90% ready.. I think. I need to wrap gifts, sort gifts, grab a few more gift cards, deep clean my house before family comes over… so more like 50% ready.. That’s okay though because the last few weeks I’ve spent with family, visiting multiple Santa’s, moving Peri Winkle around every morning (our Elf on the shelf), driving around looking at lights, and decorating almost Read More