Boy Mom.


Is there really that big of a difference between having a boy or girl? YES! Y E S!

So, Giuliana is 3 & ½, and Colton 6 months, but already I can see the HUGE differences of being a boy mom! Giuliana is my little sassy drama queen, who loves to shop ( especially at Target) (I wonder where she picked up that habit from… ) loves dresses, and bows, glitter, and well pretty much all things girl. She is like my little doll who asks for me to put blush on her cheeks before preschool, to put the “good smelling conditioner in her hair” and hates getting dirty. She’s a miniature me. On the other hand, her favorite person in the entire “whole wide world” as she says is Cory. Gigi is the definition of a daddy’s girl.

When I found out we were having a boy the second time around I was excited of course but very nervous. Sports, super heroes, cars, rough housin, clothes… I mean they can’t wear bows and headbands? No pink! What do I do?! …. Not my jam. Oh and can we talk about the boy parts situation…. Let me tell you guys, getting peed on is one thing, but when it goes in your eye… Good Lord that is an experience. One night Colt woke up at 2 AM, I was unable to get him back down, so before I went downstairs to make him a bottle, I decided to change him. Well, midway I feel a warm stream hitting me in the eye, on my cheek…. Yeah that happened guys. It really happened. I didn’t know what to do. I honestly started to cry, was going to Kim Kardashian ugly cry and freak out but it was in the middle of the night, so I had to suck it up and manage. It’s one for the books I tell ya.

Well, fast forward to today I would say I’ve got the hang of this boy mom thing. II mean I don’t know the whole sports/superhero/ car situation yet but I will learn! As far as the diaper chaos, I have that down to a science friends, ain’t nothin shootin anywhere out of anyplace. Can I get an Amen! Lastly, clothes…. I was so wrong that boys are not as fun to dress! Tell me his “Hug Life” shirt and little striped olive pants are not the CUTEST thing you ever did see!! They are from Tenth and Pine! Heart SWOON! Seriously, go take a gander… and you can blame me when your cart is full 🙂



SO many of you asked about this outfit on my snap chat- here is the direct link! ?  HUG LIFE//OLIVE STRIPED PANTS

Cheers Mamas! To all of you dealing with bows, mud, glitter, action figures, or barbies, you are doing a fabulous job 🙂