I think any mom can agree, once you’ve had kids, you aren’t always as confident, or as excited to put cute panties or bras, or even lingerie on. It’s rough accepting that you will never have the exact same body you did pre-baby. It’s easy to compare yourself to those who haven’t had kids yet. I do it all the time. Then I smile and tell myself that they will be in for it in just a matter of time. Um, don’t judge me.. You know you do it too.

Giuliana was just about 8 & ½ lbs, and Colton 9 & ½ lbs. I had 2 huge freaking babies. Natural I may add. So.. well, these hips don’t lie.

I’ve come to terms that I will probably never, e v e r,  be a size 0 again, and that’s ok.  Both of these sweet babes of mine are totally and completely worth it. Instead of feeling down, or self-conscious, I try to love myself just the way I am. Not only for myself, but for Giuliana. The last thing I want her to do is body shame, and feel like she has some standard she needs to meet. There is way too much focus on body image these days. Weight is just a number, and a size is just a size. I know someone who is 150 lbs and she doesn’t look a pound over 120. It’s not about the number girls!  Being healthy, and feeling good in your skin is what matters most.  Whether you are a twig, or have some curves, embrace it!

Now to start embracing it… Go get some new cute undies. Don’t have time to hit the store? Yeah me either. That’s why “God” invented BootayBag.

BootayBag is a monthly subscription for women that allows you to receive two pairs of undies for a flat rate of $12. ( You can even adjust your account to “bi-monthly” if you’d like!) You can choose from S,M,L, thongs, never thongs, a “mix it up” (cheeky & thongs) and NO GRANNY PANTIES 🙂

So, go treat yourself. You deserve it! Oh, and when you do, post a picture with the hashtag #undermatters on your social media! BootayBag donates $1 to the Melanoma Foundation! So SO sweet!