Baby it’s Christmas, yeah.

Are you ready for Christmas? I am 90% ready.. I think. I need to wrap gifts, sort gifts, grab a few more gift cards, deep clean my house before family comes over… so more like 50% ready..

That’s okay though because the last few weeks I’ve spent with family, visiting multiple Santa’s, moving Peri Winkle around every morning (our Elf on the shelf), driving around looking at lights, and decorating almost every room in our house! I  L O V E Christmas! I also love it even more now that I have kids! It’s way more fun. Who knew that was even possible?!

Does anyone else have a toddler baby duo?! Giuliana is 3 1/2 and Colt 4 months, and Gigi uses that to her full advantage. I mean from getting an extra sticker at the doctors office (because Colt needs one of course) to writing a separate Christmas List that includes a Barbie Camper… you know, what 4 month old little boy wouldn’t ask for that?! She really is a ham and is loving having a little brother.. especially during holiday season. I’m pretty sure she even has his wish list picked out for his 1st birthday.

All I know is, each year just gets better and better 🙂14732360_10207440992119722_327601255823003036_n