Baby Item Survival Guide

When the second baby comes it’s all about survival. How you can get sleep, take a shower, find time to eat, and function like a normal human being. Colt is now 4 months and sleeps through the night! Can I get a hallelujah?! Now, I’m not saying we never have a rough night here and there but for the most part little man is sleeping from 8 pm to 7am!

I am a firm believer in getting into a routine. Some days/nights we have things going and my routine gets thrown off, which is naturally going to happen… it’s just life… but for the most part I try to keep both Giuliana and Colton on a schedule. Kids, especially babies, are creatures of habit. So my advice to anyone, start a routine and try to stick to it.

Sorry I got off onto a tangent, but it definitely goes hand in hand with using the following products I am going to share. Each and every one of them have been a “life-saver” in my opinion. I’m a firm believer in loving a product before you share it with others. You will never ever find me promoting something I am not completely in love with πŸ™‚







  1. The Dockatot– or should I say MIRACLE worker. I swear by it mama’s. The first night Colt slept in it he slept 12 hours! It’s worth every single penny. Grab one & get $10 off now. Use Code “10Exit” at checkout!
  2. Fisher-Price Rock N Play Deluxe– Colt hangs out in his every morning in the bathroom with me while I get ready. It rocks and plays music, and has a vibrate setting as well. He adores it.
  3. The sleep sheep– We loooove lambie. Colt, and even Giuliana, sleep with white noise at night.
  4. Wubba Nub– We have “Mr. Barkers” named by Miss Giuliana, but they have every animal you can imagine! In fact, Gi still has her Melvin monkey ( without the paci part of course) It never gets lost, and it’s so easy for babies to pop back in themselves.
  5. Baby Brezza – Guys. Life changer. If only this was out when I had Giuliana! I can’t live without it. A nice warm bottle in literally 15 seconds with the press of a button. Yes please.
  6. Johnson’s Head to Toe Cleansing Cloths– My kids have really sensitive skin so bath time can only happen every other night. The night in between we use these gems and they are amazing! They smell great and are so gentle on the skin! ( they are also 2 for $5 at Target right now!)

Any baby/toddler products that you can’t live without? Please share! πŸ™‚