8 month update



How is my last baby already 8 months old? I swear I do not remember it going this fast with Giuliana. Anyone else feel like baby #2, moments and milestones just fly by?!

Colt is already a little go-getter. He is on the move. He can crawl but prefers to scoot himself around,  especially to my coffee table where he loves to pull on the knobs. He HATES baby food, but suffers through select ones like sweet potatoes, and mango’s. His favorite food item to gnaw on are french fries. Really he enjoys squeezing the beejeebies out of them and then throwing them, but potatoe potato right?

His favorite person right now is his big sister, she can make him laugh pretty much by doing anything. .. ( especially things she shouldn’t be doing) If that’s not a future indicator of them being partners in crime, I don’t know what is.

He is a total mama’s boy already, but lights up any time daddy enters the room. Oh, and of course says “dadda” on repeat.

He can clap, wave, and  enjoys splashing water during bath time.

He loves DOGS! It helps that our two fur babies never leave his side.

His favorite past time is peeing on me… right up onto my face to be exact #boymom

He has 4 teeth, and 6 more breaking through on the top! He has going to have a mouth full by his first birthday.


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