5 Products for a Brighter, Whiter, Cleaner, Kitchen

It’s no surprise to anyone that I have major OCD when it comes to cleaning. A clean house, car, or anything really makes me happy!

Kitchens can be one of the dirtiest rooms in your home! I bet you thought it was your bathroom! ( I did too!)



Here are my 5 favorite cleaning products ( no particular order) that I rotate and use on the reg:



I use this EVERYWHERE. The walls. My sink. The stove. The fridge. EVERY FREAKING WHERE. It’s a miracle working. It’s literally magic. Instant Sparkly White!


Love this spray! I mean really, anything Clorox and I know it’s disinfected! Hallelujah!


Clorox Wipes. Duh. I have these in every room! When I’m in  a rush these are perfect to have in the kitchen for a quick disinfectant.


Watermarks be g o n e  🙂 


It’s fantastik. Literally. lol! NO, but really, give this a shot! It smells AHHHMAZING.

Before I forget, part of my OCD includes organization… Did you notice my cute little sponge holder? My sponge no longer gets disgusting from being in the sink, or shoved under in the cabinet. Holster is a product that I can’t stop talking about! My sponge no longer gets disgusting from sitting in the sink, or being shoved under the cabinet. It sits nicely and drains out of the bottom, keeping it fresh and clean. Not to mention easily accessible. Holster offers multiple different colors AND has other products as well!! Like a holster for your heat styling tools!! You no longer have to wreck your counter tops from your straightener or curling iron. Insert salsa dancer emoji! 🙂