How to make your first child feel special with baby number two

  Giuliana is a really good sister. She really, truly, adores and loves Colton. She is always excited to see him in the morning, excited to tell him about her day at school, overjoyed to hold him and sing to him, and feels proud to teach him all the things she can already do. She is quick to run to get me a diaper, grab wipes… throw me a new Read More



I think any mom can agree, once you’ve had kids, you aren’t always as confident, or as excited to put cute panties or bras, or even lingerie on. It’s rough accepting that you will never have the exact same body you did pre-baby. It’s easy to compare yourself to those who haven’t had kids yet. I do it all the time. Then I smile and tell myself that they will Read More

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Mom Uniform

It’s no secret that I’m a tad bit obsessed with leggings… actually a lot obsessed. I wear them pretty much every single day. I have at least 10 or more pairs of black, and then throw in your basic grey, and other fun colors. They are comfy, versatile, and well, flattering! Sorry jeans, you just don’t compare! As a mom I feel as if you change roles, and jump from Read More