Get enlightened.

Raise your hand if one of your guilty pleasures is Ice-Cream! One of my New Years Resolutions was to be healthier. I’m an ice-coffee, and carb junkie by nature, along with my large McDonald’s Coke, and other sweet treats (especially ice-cream). I switched over to my 90 calorie Califia ice-coffee, wheat pasta, and carb conscious tortillas. Little by little I have been finding healthier options to some of my not so Read More

Jars of Coins

Money Matters.

How in the heck are you able to stay home? You have two kids? You have a new car? I get that a lot. A LOT. Answer: priorities. I know I’ve touched on a bit of the subject in the past, but more and more people seem to ask how we do it. It’s honestly simple, we prioritize what’s important v. what isn’t, we cut out crap we don’t actually Read More



First off friends, I just want to let you guys know, whenever I review a product and say that I like it… I genuinely like it. I promise I will never say “i like” or even “love something” just because I was sent a product to try. I will ALWAYS be honest with you 🙂 So if you watched my insta-story you heard me say I’m not a lipstick/lip gloss Read More


Teeth don’t need to suck.

Teething…my favorite, favorite stage. Please tell me you can sense the sarcasm there. Colt is 6 months old and currently cutting his 3rd tooth. Honestly, cutting teeth is a bit like sleep training…it’s all about finding what works, and what doesn’t. We had Sophie the giraffe for awhile.. up until our lab Remi chewed him up. I honestly couldn’t even be that mad because the stupid thing felt and sounded Read More


Sleep schedule update.

So many of you have been asking how “sleep training” is going with Colt. Well, its going.. better than before, but we still aren’t totally sleeping through the night consistently as of yet… hopefully soon!! I thought I would share some of the tools we are implementing and that are working for us! Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child – this book has some REALLY good advice, and goes in depth to Read More


Baby Trend Manta Snap Gear Jogger

  The Baby Trend Manta Snap Gear Jogger is my dream stroller. This is the stroller that we purchased immediately after Colton was born. We had a jogging stroller later down the line with Giuliana (we had started out with a car seat/stroller combo at first) and it’s true what they say- Once you push a jogging stroller, you will never go back to a normal one! I knew immediately when Read More


Boy Mom.

Is there really that big of a difference between having a boy or girl? YES! Y E S! So, Giuliana is 3 & ½, and Colton 6 months, but already I can see the HUGE differences of being a boy mom! Giuliana is my little sassy drama queen, who loves to shop ( especially at Target) (I wonder where she picked up that habit from… ) loves dresses, and bows, Read More


Sleep Training Baby #2

SOS. 9-1-1. HELP. H E L P. Colt and sleep do not mix. I had my standards set so high because of how amazing Gigi has always slept, and low and behold, Colt is the exact opposite. From about 2 weeks old, we have had Colt in a Dockatot ( BEST decision ever) despite his sleeping patterns being off and on, the dock always made him feel secure, and snug. Well, Read More


Colt’s Nursery Tour

A couple of you asked to see Colt’s room since bits and pieces are showcased via snapchat ( ms_nagle) if you already don’t follow our fun stories! So I figured I may as well do a little tour on here! I refinished the boat OAR, My dad and Cory sanded it down and I banged it up a bit. I bought letters from Hobby Lobby, painted and mounted them.  Notice Read More