Is anyone else in shock that Christmas is over, and New Years is this weekend?! I know I am. Right after thanksgiving I spent an entire day decorating the inside of our house, (I cannot take any credit for the exterior, as that is all Cory!) but almost every room in our home was decorated to some extent. I LOVE Christmas, even more so with having kids. After I decorate I always have in the back of my head the take down/clean up process but regardless it’s totally worth it!

I spent Tuesday taking everything down, and Gigi was so upset! She didn’t want “Christmas to be over” or for her tree to be taken down. It’s so hard when you’re 3 &1/2.  After a few hours the house is spotless and clutter free! Until now. There’s probably a few gram cracker crumbs on our carpet, and you’ll end up stepping on a littlest pet shop dog that isn’t in the playroom.  That’s life right?

This morning around 3 am, ( I think) Honestly whenever things happen in the middle of the night it’s a complete blur the hours following) both Gigi and Colt woke up not feeling the greatest. They both have the sniffles, Colt worse than Gi because he’s barely 5 months old so there is only so much you can do. I blame our Chicago weather. Monday is 50 degrees out, and today we have flurries. C’mon weather make up your mind! It’s been a long, tiring, restless day. Both of them are napping now… not sure how long it’ll last but I will certainly take any quiet time I can get!

We have been non stop go go go since Christmas eve. We have literally had something planned every single night since. Tonight, the only thing on my list is a much needed Starbucks run, and a quick trip to Target.  Can I get a Hallelujah!

We are one day away from New Years Eve, anyone have any fun plans? We have a tradition that I will share in a later post, that involves food, fun, and staying in! (Doesn’t get much better or safer than that!)

Stay tuned…..